The Bootstraps Theory of Personal Finance is BS

I’m not a fan of bootstraps theory.  And this is my biggest problem with a lot of writers in the personal finance industry–they’re big believers in the “picking yourself up by your bootstraps” phenomenon that often does not work for anyone who grew up poor.  So let me explain…. Pauline recently posted “Of course the

Are you in the market for a new cell phone? Blu will blow you away.

I recently upgraded my phone to a HTC One M8.  I love this phone.  But I also splurged because I have never had a top-of-the-line phone in my life (I always got second-hand phones from family).  For my first splurge, I did a lot of research and love my phone. But like most technology, I

Long time, no see

Hi everybody.  I’ve had a crazy summer.  Didn’t realize that four months would go by without a post. I have some updates I eventually want to post, but I also wanted to let you all know that I’m changing the focus of my writing. After reading Pound Foolish, it really made me realize I do

MIA much?

Hey all, sorry I’ve been so MIA around the blog world lately.  I have been heavily involved with cats as of late.  Cats you say? Well it’s a bit of a story. How we got so many cats: The Sunday after last Thanksgiving, a semi-feral mom moved into our apartment through our first-floor kitchen window

Don’t be pound foolish when it comes to enjoying your home!

This past Easter, my husband and I spent the weekend with his parents at their home in central PA.  They have a nice home in a very rural town (so rural they don’t get mail delivery at home!) In this Amish country. There are lots of flat farm lands surrounded by scenic hills, so it’s

I’ve been everywhere man–how to see North America on the Cheap:

My family loves to drive.  That is how I’ve been to so many states and parts of Canada.  I grew up in Dallas, TX but had family in Orange County, CA; Jackson, WY; Atlanta, GA; Raleigh, NC; and Central New Jersey.  Having family spread throughout the country meant that we could drive to see everybody!

Cut your losses and run?

I don’t like my cell current phone provider.  But let me back up for a moment.  Previously, I was on Verizon Mobile on a family plan.  i switched off of Verizon when they decided they didn’t believe in “grandfathered-customers”, meaning that people like me and my family who were on the original unlimited data plans

The blind leading the blind towards home ownership

Home ownership is great for many, but that doesn’t mean it’s great for a person at every stage in their life.  My dad was a home owner for over 30 years straight and he’s at a point in his life, after selling his past, non-very-energy-efficient home that he is able to save enough money by

Are we bad at math or are we in a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Nothing gets my panties in a bunch more than when I hear a young female say she’s “bad at math”.  I understand that there are some folks who do have learning disabilities and I’m not discounting that at all.  And there are some people who do truly struggle with math.  But there is a problem

How to achieve bank nirvana

Finding a bank can be difficult these days.  Many accounts have fees for hidden things (not having direct deposit, not having a minimal balance, etc).  I know first hand the struggles out there to find a truly FREE checking account.  But they exist and I’m here to share with you. Research, Research, Research Check online